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CNC Milling Machines

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CNC Millingmachines and Borers

PBR Millingmachine AF110

X: 2500 mm

Y: 1500 mm

Z: 500 mm

W: 1500 mm

Table dimensions: 1250mm x 1500mm

Spindlediameter: 110 mm

Number of units: 2

Horizontal Machining Center Haas EC630

X: 1270 mm

Y: 835 mm

Z: 835 mm

Table dimensions: 630mm x 630mm

Tools: 50

Number of units: 1

Horizontal Machining Center Haas HS1RP

X: 457,2 mm

Y: 457,2 mm

Z: 457,2 mm

Table dimensions: 406,4mm x 406,4mm

Tools: 24

Number of units: 4

Vertical Machining Center Haas VF5

X: 1270 mm

Y: 660 mm

Z: 635 mm

Table dimensions: 1321 mm x 584 mm

Tools: 40

Number of units: 1

Vertical Machining Center Haas VF3

X: 1016 mm

Y: 508 mm

Z: 635 mm

Table dimensions: 1219 mm x 457 mm

Tools: 20

Number of units: 1

Vertical Machining Center Haas VF2

X: 762 mm

Y: 406 mm

Z: 508 mm

Table dimensions: 914 mm x 355 mm

Tools: 20

Number of units: 1

Vertical Machining Center Haas TM1

X: 762 mm

Y: 305 mm

Z: 406 mm

Table dimensions: 1213 mm x 267 mm

Tools: 1

Number of units: 1


PBR AF110 2


HAAS EC630 2

HAAS EC630 3




No picture available..

We do not have a picture of this particular machine at this time. We can assure you though that all our machines are in a fine state and will perform to your needs as long as they match this macchine's credentials.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact support at info@hydrauliekmorreels.com.